An Escape – My Story

Speaking about me is difficult, talking too much exhausts me and I easily throw away my pen. While I’m writing this my hands sometimes are trembling and my eyes get tired. But now I will tell you my story:
Maybe my story is simple and it gives you an insight into how my people suffered in Syria. I am speaking about a girl who loves her country and her family. I was optimistic, loved life in general and was very hopeful and ambitious. I planted happiness and when harvesting I didn’t want sadness. I wanted to live a life of peace.
I come from a Kurdish Syrian family living in a city called Al-hasaka, situated in the north east of Syria.My family consists of 8 persons who were having a good everyday life living in peace. Everyone enjoyed their meals together, we played together and enjoyed entertainments. When my dad left the house in his car, we all wanted him to come back and honk his car horn. We all ran to the door happily to greet him and hug him. My father worked hard to keep his family fed. Often he brought vegetables, fruit and sweets. While my father relaxed my mum prepared the food. In the evenings we all sat round the table having meals , laughing and having a good time until we got tired. We all went to bed and slept in the hope of having a good new day.
But not every night is he same. Darkness brought evil things with it like silence, screams and corruption and a lot of homeless people. And millions of people had to emigrate and many people died like my cousins. Mothers were very sad and cried, the screams of fathers and children could be heard in heaven and earth.

Florent Darrault – (CC BY-SA 2.0)

People said : ‚What is going on ? Has war begun ?‘- Yes, it was the big disaster, a war which brought sadness and tragedy. Public life came to a standstill, factories, schools and public gardens closed. Sometimes when I was walking along the street I remebered what it was like in the past and what it is like now. I continued my life but not like I wanted to. I decided to leave my country and I left it to its destiny and to God.I said goodbye to my family and friends and left for an unknown future. I didn’t want to go and looked back behind me in regret. I asked myself : ‚Is it a dream or reality ?‘
Until now I haven’t understood what has happened. I left my heart in my country Syria and now I am here just with my body.
I got away with my brothers, with some food and money and some clothes. We went from Syria to Turkey and we started from a river in Turkey and we stayed in a forest for a day waiting for the sunrise. It was a horrible night with a lot of sounds of animals and a rainy storm.
Then we went on board an 8m long ship with 50 passengers. We were wearing life jackets .The boat brought us to Greece and we were praying that it would save us from the sea and the Turkish controllers. Thank God we arrived in Greece safely. People and journalists welcomed us and we were very happy and at the same time sad,we phoned our parents to tell them we were safe.
After that we walked to Macedonia and then to Serbia, we also went by bus and train. We walked to Croatia and went to Slovenia by train. Then we arrived in Austria and later came tot he gate of our destiny ‚Germany‘.
We arrived in Dresden on 10-10-2015 , then we moved to Bielefeld and Schöppingen. Finally we came to Gelsenkirchen. We stayed in camps for 3 months, that was horrible, because there were so many people. I had a room with 8 strangers. It was loud and smelly. A German introduced us to a person who looks after us and helped us to find a home and furnish it. Thanks to him we live in a flat learning the German language and practising our hobbies like singing and playing the violin.

Comparison Syria /Germany
My life in Syria was beautiful and interesting because I was in my country. But I have to accept reality. You can’t always get what you want. And now I am living here in Germany, I call it ‚The mother of the world‘ because in our country the rights like having a home and a future, work and free marriages are not always there or hard to achieve.
Respect between people, living in peace, the chance for work is better in Germany than in Syria. Most people are good persons with an open mind realizing the reality of planning for the future and living their lives moment after moment.

Germany for me is a new country, a new language and a new culture and a different view. Some people can adapt and some can’t. It’s typical of people.The laws here are different from those in my country. I think living in Germany is good and I wish that it stays so. I would like to build my life here and meet my family again.

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Avesta Houssin

Studentin, Musikerin, Autorin aus Al-Hasaka (Syrien) 1994 geboren - lebt und lernt seit November 2015 in Gelsenkirchen. Sie spricht und schreibt auf kurdisch, arabisch, englisch, deutsch.

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